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Donate Blood, Save Life!

According to some research, blood donors have fewer symptoms of a heart attack. Blood donation helps to balance in the hemoglobin level in our body. This act is not only helpful personally but also helps society to a great extent. Every year, 2,80,000 pregnant ladies lose their lives due to some disease. 29% of death is due to bleeding during the pregnancy time. The donation of blood will help the pregnant ladies to save their life as well as save their children. Every year millions of people getting benefited with the help of donating blood to others. Each and every person who donates blood, complete a physical examination before giving blood. As a result, it is possible that a person could find out if they have any blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV. Although low blood count could stop a person from donating blood. Donating blood is not only useful for others, it also makes donors to produce new red blood cells that balance the body.

We have a blood donor and patient registration platform which will guide to help the needy patients. Those who want to donate or need blood please register at the following links.

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