Dr.Abdulkalam Trust – APJ Future Vision


Adopting Plants

One Indian – 5 Trees. Adopting a plant is certainly the most simple and efficient way to ensure your first step towards contributing to conservation.

Seed Bomb Preparation

Planting trees by embedding organic seed balls in the ground, seed bombing is gaining popularity in many cities around Tamilnadu.

Restoring Water Bodies

Digging of percolation pits and recharge wells inside the water bodies for improving conservation of water and ground water recharge.


We select and undertake one village government school and motivate the students about life, science, society, which is more important than learning books.

Food Sharing

We pick up excess food from individuals, weddings, restaurants and donate it to hunger. We encourage people not to waste food at all.

Helping Hands

A small team to help people with such needs as blood support, career guidance, financial support for education around Tamilnadu.

Village Adoption

Work with the community while empowering them to pursue the goal of the development of the village.

One Day Farming

A small step to make youngsters understand the importance and the value of farming by practising it.

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