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Adopting Plants – 1 Indian 5 Trees

Seed Bomb Preparation

From 2014 Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust initiate these Seed bomb. Even a Birds dropping (poop) can be a fertilizer when it falls into the soil. we must start “Spreading the seed for Plant” but we were in a doubt whether it will become a tree or not? For this, we have a solution “SEED BOMBS”. Methods of Seed Bombing

Water Bodies Restoration

Due to the ever-increasing population, increase in construction activities and demand for residential purposes & development activities, water conservation becomes a prime concern to the entire world (Think about SouthAfrica Capetown 2018 Water Crisis). Now the land of natural drainage channels are in danger because it does not owned by any particular village or city or person. Unauthorised use of land in natural drainage channels like rivers, their tributaries, etc., village ponds and small rivers are causing obstruction in the normal natural flow of water in them. Global freshwater resources are threatened by rising demands from many quarters. Growing populations need even more water for drinking, hygiene, sanitation, food production, and industry. Climate change, meanwhile is excepted to contribute to droughts. Unless every individual in the world take a step it becomes difficult to survive in near future.

The following measures were taken by our Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust Volunteers to protect natural water channels like Lake, Pond, Etc., from unauthorized occupation and ensure normal natural flow in them and also protection of village Pond and artificial water reservoirs in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Pondicherry Kanagan Lake Cleanup

On every Sundays from June 18th, 2017 Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust for Future Vision and in association with Environmental Foundation of India organized the kanagan lake cleanup drive, an awareness drive on our growing garbage footprint and the impact on the environment and plantation drive in and around the kanagan lake. Around 25 weeks of 500+ volunteers work converted lake to tourist place(a sheer nature’s beauty is restored).It was restored with the support from Puducherry government. Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi Madam visited Kanagan Lake, Kathirkamam, Puducherry on september 10,2017.500+ volunteers collected and removed 15 tractors of garbage from the kanagan lake, kathirkaman, Puducherry.It was our first project which act as motivation for further work.

Pondicherry Aayi Pond Cleanup

Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust started Aayi Pond Cleanup activities by February 11, 2018. On March 22, 2018(World Waters day), a rally was conducted from kanagan lake to Aayi pond with 300 school students to create awareness about the importance of water conservation. 24 weeks of cleanup activities have been done with the help of 400+ volunteers we continued the cleanup activities and removed garbages, plastics etc. By 12th week(29.04.2018) Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi Madam along with the government officials visited the pond & gave future suggestions for improvement for preservation of the pond and by May 1 (Labour’s day), a plantation drive was conducted around the pond along with support of Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi Madam. Every week reports about the progress of cleanup activities have been sent to the Kiran Bedi madam. By 13th week (06.05.2018), Puthyathalaimurai TV “NAMMAL MUDIYUM” show visited and broadcasted the activities which we carried out and it was telecasted on Puthyathalaimurai TV “NAMMAL MUDIYUM”

Cuddalore Pathirikuppam Pond Cleanup

Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust want to extend cleanup activities in Tamilnadu and we started cleanup activity from Cuddalore pathirikuppam Pond by April 1st week.With the help of 150+ volunteers support, after 26 weeks 75% of the pond cleanup activities had been completed.Puthyathalaimurai TV “NAMMAL MUDIYUM” show visited and broadcasted the activities which we carried out and it was telecasted on Puthyathalaimurai TV “NAMMAL MUDIYUM”
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